I try to use google to do a mental map to find out what is the first thing that comes to mind when you talk about recycling. No doubt, that classic icon.



Tree Installations

The deliverable are finalised. I need to work on the tree installation part. Here are some installations done with the concept of tree. Somehow i already know what tree i should use to represent Singapore. It’s rain tree!

Adorn Everyday

Found a diamond template that i really needin Adorn Everyday. It’s a diamond ring. Need some improvisions in the design. There are other very cool jewerlly templates too.

Adorn Everyday


I’ve included 3 image galleries in this blog. They are mainly:

I will continue to update these galleries with image collection while i focus on writings and data on the blog itself.

What Can Be Recycled From Home

I am looking at what are usually “trashable” at home.

Paperless Society But Using More Papers

2 articles relate that despite the widespread of computerization, paper is still very frequently used in our society.  Somehow i feel the more we put information into the virtual space, the more we fear of losing or forgetting them. More “backups” are done through paper documentation.

Paperless Society But Using More Papers is a very detailed and extensive informative blog about recycling in Singapore. This blog discusses many heartland issues and problems we faced when we recycled. Totally beneficial to us as we have just started the recycling trend. This blog also extends participation to all readers to share tips and stories on recycling.