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I try to use google to do a mental map to find out what is the first thing that comes to mind when you talk about recycling. No doubt, that classic icon.



Tree Installations

The deliverable are finalised. I need to work on the tree installation part. Here are some installations done with the concept of tree. Somehow i already know what tree i should use to represent Singapore. It’s rain tree!


I’ve included 3 image galleries in this blog. They are mainly:

I will continue to update these galleries with image collection while i focus on writings and data on the blog itself.

What Can Be Recycled From Home

I am looking at what are usually “trashable” at home.

The Paper Jewels Brief

project description

Going green is a growing trend in recent years. Singapore’s effort, however, is often lacking behind many other developed countries.

One of the recent efforts is to save resources in workplaces, examples, print on double side and reuse recycled papers. Papers have been reused and recycled in many different ways. But what can you do by yourself? They aren’t just turning into aesthetically unpleasing scrap notebooks after one time use. They ought to have a second life.

This project aims to reuse paper from a more personal level and transform them into paper wearable. The second part of this project explores the complexity of paper structure, how far the properties of paper can be stretched. Lastly, the project shall complete with a campaign to create awareness and educate the public.

target audience

This would ideally attract both women and men who wear jewelries and conscious about the recycling for the Mother Earth.